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DAY 102, and it was a hot one

On most days I jump out of bed, raring to check items off my to-do list—well, "jump" may be a tad strong. My new pandemic routine is to make the bed first thing, and to debate whether a shower is really necessary before I leave the room. Hans is already up and out....if he didn't leave at 3am because he couldn't sleep, he got up around 6am to watch Korean baseball. (I actually think he is starting to enjoy Korean baseball. Not so much the baseball itself, but the cardboard fans, the curvy cheerleaders, and the non-stop ESPN banter about why the MLB season hasn't started yet.)

Today was Town Meeting and, since I now feel connected to the Board of Selectmen after sitting through so many hours of their meetings this spring, I thought I'd better go to make sure we made quorum. The meeting was definitely one for the record books. It was outside on the blacktop plaza next to the school. Residents arrived in masks, picked up hand sanitizer and a new mask if they forgot one, and were escorted to assigned chairs that we placed in a socially distant fashion around the plaza. As anticipated (and designed by removing all controversial articles from the Warrant), all of the motions passed, nearly all unanimously, and we were excused after about 1.5 hours. I recognized a few people even behind their masks, and was glad that I made the effort to attend. It certainly beat cleaning out the garage which is what Hans was doing at home.

I've often thought about running for a Town office, but I don't know if I can stand the governmental hullaballoo required. Open meeting laws, motions and votes, the formal reading of the Warrant, and the moderator pronouncing "I declare" to confirm that motions have passed. I've been on a bunch of non-profit boards and, while many have their own set of issues, at least meetings aren't so stuffy. I'm going to think more about it, that school volunteer work is behind me, I'm going to look carefully at other ways I can make an impact.

The rest of the day just kicked my butt. I weeded, watered, planted and watered some more. By 3pm I had to walk into the pool to cool off, then I took a nap for an hour to try to cool off my internal thermostat. Of course, any time you feel warm you still automatically think you have COVID, but that is an irrational conclusion that will likely plague our reasoning for years to come.

Unfortunately Hans hates AC, so I'm going to sit quietly tonight and pretend that it's only 65 outside instead of 82. I think a grapefruit gimlet might hit the spot, too. I've made the dough for Father's Day cinnamon rolls, and picked out a nice looking enchilada casserole for dinner. I ordered a little gift, too, which won't arrive until Monday, but that gives me a little extra time to clear out a place at the back of the closet for it!

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