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DAY 104: Isn't it Monday?

I just can't get used to the quiet. Normally Monday is such a busy day. My schedule has always been carefully crafted so that I can squeeze as many things as possible into a given week. Before COVID, Monday would start with a cup of coffee while I fired off drafts of various projects to my clients. Then I'd head to the bog to walk the dogs with friends. By the time I arrived home, there'd be a handful of responses to my emails that would shape the rest of the day. For years I also squeezed in a team tennis practice on Mondays and a board meeting in the evening. Depending on the month, the kids might have had practice or a game or a lesson, and they always needed dinner and sometimes help with homework. Monday work always stretched late into the evening so I could start all over again on Tuesday morning.

COVID has changed all of that, at least temporarily. My phone is eerily silent these days as most of my clients are in the arts, education and sports, all industries devastated by the pandemic. June and July are particularly busy, and normally I'd be juggling Red Sox Magazine plus their alumni newsletter, plus promotions for fall events and series, with a sprinkling of summer concerts and gigs to boot. Instead, I wait, we all wait, for the illustrious vaccine that is the key to getting back to "normal" life as we know it. And when might that happen? You can find any answer you want to hear on the internet, so the real answer must be that no one really knows.

Now that beaches are open and packed, and people can dine inside restaurants instead of getting takeout, it's time to get live music back on the scene. Summer is the perfect opportunity to be outside for live concerts. We just had a trombone quartet in our own yard...small ensembles can easily socially distance, and so can audiences. There's so much that could be happening, but none of it is happening around here. Maybe it's a liability issue? Perhaps, but the physical obstacles of outdoor concerts are so few compared to indoor ones. Nearly all summer series cancelled months ago...but maybe it's possible to pull off a couple of concerts on short notice? Seems like there are people who want to listen and musicians who want to play....there must be a way to make it happen!

Well, Monday is nearly over and, while it wasn't as busy as normal, it was a good day. Tuesday looks to be even better...I've got some tennis lined up, a dog walk, a book design project to dig into (in Russian!!!!), then I'm headed to CT to visit my parents for a few days. We've waited a long time to plan it, and we all feel comfortable that none of us are a big risk to each other, so I'm looking forward to catching up with them. I'm sure my family will enjoy the break....and not having to look at my mobile office sprawled out on the kitchen island for a few days! The only question is, who gets to water all my plants????

Green tomatoes on a vine
Tomatoes are on the way!

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