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DAY 105: A Change of Scenery

After weeks of deliberating (with myself), I finally decided to go stay with my parents for a few days. At first I was nervous for them....I DO NOT want to be the one to bring COVID into their house. But recently I was more nervous for myself since they have been getting out and about much more than I have in the past few weeks. My mom even got her hair done today before I arrived! It's definitely nice to be home, though.

We moved to Glastonbury just before I started high school, so I really only lived here for 4 years before I left for college. In fact, I remember plotting with my brothers for weeks before we moved about how we were going to pool our money so we could rent a driver to take us back to our old schools until I was old enough to drive us myself. Those days didn't last long once we started school here, and the next 4 years were unforgettable...great friends, band, jazz band, music festivals, summer musicals, was over in a flash. I've had few chances to come home for any length of time since I graduated, but I always enjoy walking the neighborhood and driving through downtown to see how many things have changed since I lived here.

My old bedroom is a little less of a shrine to my high school days than it used to be. My furniture has been switched out for a new set (because we took my old white French Provincial canopy bed for Abby when she was born!), and my mother has tried to give back most of the "treasures" that I've left behind over the years. She has redecorated every room more than once since I left, and my brothers and I often joke about which rooms we can actually use and which ones are for show. It's easy to understand where my passion for home decorating and renovation comes from, and I always strive to make our house as warm and welcoming as theirs.

This is a great time of year to be in Glastonbury. It's a lush and verdant town, not all that unlike Carlisle. The open landscape is speckled with gardens and fields and small working farms with stands that sell a bounty of fruit and vegetables through summer and fall. My parent's yard is full of surprises, and I'm looking forward to exploring it in the daylight to see what lurks under the blueberry bush and behind the roses. I do know we have some work ahead to try to identify and sort a bunch of seedlings that have all gotten separated from their ID tags. I'm hoping to bring home a few "souvenirs" to try out in my own garden, since they thrive much more at my house if they've gotten their start here. And maybe, if I'm well behaved, my dad will even let me feed his little school of fish!

Rocco feeding his fish.
Time to feed the fish!

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