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Day 114 - Welcome relief

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

A powerful little rainstorm just passed directly over us. These tropical outbursts are so exciting. One minute we are sitting on the screen porch enjoying the few peepers still brave enough to live behind the pool and the next minute we are sprinting for the cars to make sure all of the windows are closed. We had about 20 minutes of solid rain, definitely enough to cover me having to water plants for at least a day. I've transplanted a number of hostas and lilies in the past two weeks, so I'm happy for the help from Mother Nature in getting them acclimated to their new homes. I'm also relieved that the temperature dropped a good 10 degrees already and is supposed to drop another 5 or so by morning.

I've been working on my first vegan cake tonight since someone here has a big birthday tomorrow. I was OK with nearly all of the substitutions except for egg — flaxseed meal and water just doesn't seem like it will have nearly enough gumption to bind the cake together, but I suppose there's enough carrot in there to make up for any lack of structure. Vegan cream cheese is a little sketchy in my opinion, but since Abby will be queen for the day, her wish is my command (as long as we stay under my credit card max!). We have a long-standing tradition of spending her birthday together shopping and dining out. Last year we spent the entire day traversing Newbury Street, stopping for a cupcake at Georgetown, getting a cuppa at Thinking Cup, and meeting Hans before Pops at Figs on Charles Street. Strangely, none of that is going to happen this year, so we are massaging a plan to at least get out for brunch at Pressed Cafe and a little shopping at the mall in Lynnfield before we have to make a beeline for home to use the bathroom!

Vegan carrot cake just out of the oven
Carrot Cake

I did have to apologize to Hans after my post yesterday. I am humbled to report that he fixed the faucet today by replacing the hose and not a drop is leaking! No professional needed. I had no idea he had any clue about how to fix it, although he is a whizz with wax toilet rings if you ever need help. He also does a mean PVC pipe repair, like the time he cut through the pipe underneath the pool and the pump just spewed water into the yard. Now that he's an expert, I'm going to make him fix our shower head since we've been showering with the handheld for years because the one mounted on the wall just dribbles from the faucet. He will be ready for his own DIY fixit show by the end of the summer!

I shouldn't be so sarcastic about Hans. We have been spending a LOT of time together, and a LOT of time at our house, and I would venture to say that we still like each other most of the time. It has been a relief to have the kids here, and finally be able to have a few guests at the pool or in our screen porch since it takes the pressure off having to make small talk ALL day long. Hans would be thrilled to have no dogs, but having to take the dogs for a walk has been a great way to create a little time and space when things get spicy. I also think he secretly enjoyed the few days I went to see my parents last week, even though he eventually said all of the right things after I got home.

I do think I have been getting a bit stir crazy at home, and some the strangest things seem to get in my craw. About a week ago I drove by a lawn in town where the sprinkler system wasn't working all that well. It looked to me like two of the heads weren't high enough so were only watering a small circular area around themselves. I took one look and thought they looked like boobs, but no one around here thought it was all that funny. Today I drove two miles out of my way and took two passes by the lawn to snap a quick photo to prove my point. I got a lukewarm response at best.

Dry grass creates two round brown patches in a lawn
Boob Lawn

For years I have been trying to show Hans the shape of a shark head etched in the plaster ceiling over our bed. He has never seen it and has pretty much said I am crazy. After 25 years of living here, I finally had a revelation and took a picture of it. He gets it now.

Impression of shark face in stucco
Shark Head

I bought Hans a night vision camera for Fathers' Day so we could track activity in our yard overnight. I've always wondered what walks through after dark. We've seen coyote and deer and fisher cats, but I thought it would be fun to see what else might be frolicking that we haven't seen. Hans is mildly interested, but it became obvious quickly that if we didn't hang the camera immediately, it was going to end up in the closet with the rest of my well-intentioned gifts.

I forgot to silence notifications the first night so my phone beeped incessantly all night long. I couldn't wait to check the app in the morning to see what was causing all of the commotion. After checking out a few replays, it looked to me like a spider had built a web in front of the camera, and the camera kept picking up a bit of dew on the web when it moved in the wind. I was a little smarter on the second night and silenced the notifications, but the view was still the same. I haven't given up hope, though...I asked Josh to dust off the camera and I'lll be ready to check out the playbacks in the morning to see what critters are enjoying our yard after dark! At least tomorrow I'll have something to write about.................

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