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DAY 101: New location, same conversation

If you are making the attempt to follow this blog outside of Facebook, I am moved and humbled. I decided to move my daily ramblings off of social media for a few reasons, mostly so that I could keep some of my writing in one place, including things that won't make great Facebook posts. I will probably do a daily post for a while anyway, just because it has become habit and has been great therapy for me through the first 100 days of the pandemic. Some posts will be about the daily grind, some will be stories that just need to be told before I forget them. Not all posts may be positive, and some could even be political. Some may follow the daily writing prompt from Morning Pages or features that I write for the newspaper, and some may just be photos that I enjoy with no words at all. I hope we can keep up the banter that we started on Facebook, so please comment and add your own stories and reflections if you feel so moved. You'll have to register to comment, but I promise not to do bad things with your email address.

OK, let's see how this goes............

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So pretty easy starting an account...

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